Friday, July 20, 2007

#111: rec centers = not just for seniors?

i was victorious in creating a clean link (post #109) but then my fonts got all screwy. strange! but that's ok. i say it's worth it to give a little to get a little. (thanks r&a!!!)

back to business. so i recognize that at this point, i still don't know how i'd pull off a $10,000 wedding. but i do know something. and that something is...that the very first step of a $10,000 budget should always be...FIND THE VENUE.

once you determine the venue, you hold a steadier reign over how much you're going to spend on everything else. it's at that point you can decide how fancy the invites are going to be and whether favors will be handed out at all.

so i'm set on digging deeper for venues. and i'm going to start putting my finds in a new category called 'venue'.

so far, i've looked at a mansion and a penthouse and venues off the knot.

next up. rec centers!

first thing i found was the grace e. simons lodge.

Grace E. Simons Lodge is a beautiful location nestled in a quiet park setting, surrounded by gorgeous and luxurious landscaping. A small brook cascades down a hill and feeds the lovely pond outside the lodge. It is a wonderful place to have a wedding reception, outdoor ceremony, business meeting, or even a birthday party.

• 200 Seating only
• 175 Dinner and Dancing
• Kitchen area and full facilities
• Outdoor barbecues
• Outdoor patios
• Covered picnic pavilion
• Stage, speaker podium, and stand up microphone
• Free parking

key word = barbecues. YUM! my next budget scheme will definitely incorporate this place. can you hear the wheels turning?


FreeIndeed said...


Was just passing through and thought I'd share a few budget wedding sites and forums with you:



Rosie & Andy said...

You should also check out the BudgetBridesBio on the knot.

Also, glad you got the links to work! :)

Teana said...

community rec centers are a great idea, especially if they look that nice. hopefully the price will be well inside your ballpark.

Teana said...

have you thought about checking out college campuses? they usually have good venues for decent prices. just an idea!

Anonymous said...

Just found your post after doing a Google search for Grace Simons Lodge. Just thought I'd add my two cents-- I am planning on getting married here, and found it really appealing because a) the price is EXTREMELY affordable (we're talking about $1500), and b) they allow for lots of freedom (i.e. you bring your own caterer). Also, you can use the BBQ grills... It's quiet, secluded, and a little bit quaint, but I think it's a hidden gem.