Monday, July 23, 2007

#117: do you like it?

from perfectbound

this centerpiece is so simple but somehow, it works and the table doesn't look too bare or cheesy.

maybe it's all the colors?

if this were my ta-dow, i would also set up cakestands with cheese/fruit or arrange favors in between the vases to give the table a little more eye candy.

from MS linked from the preppy wedding


Anonymous said...

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Teana said...

i like that last picture. that's what i'm going for since that other post about the cake tables. plus, i figured it out and it's tons cheaper than my original plan plus way easier to make.

perfectbound said...

This photo is from photographer Chris Leary's site. He is amazing, no? Here's the website for anyone interested:

I think this arrangement is precious and the way it was captured makes it even stunning.