Monday, July 9, 2007

#90: jugs.

from 'another shade of grey'.
i am honestly not very...what folks lately have been calling 'green'. i drink bottled water, i throw butts onto the street...basically, i create a lot of waste for just 1 person. but that doesn't mean i'm completely absurd (p.s. the word 'absurd' is totally subjective and i know that). i like form AND functionality. so when i saw this gorgeous bone china jug, i immediately thought...hells no i can't afford to use these as centerpieces. but then i thought...hey, that's what knock-offs are for! what a fantastic vase substitute...or even really to serve a spiked drink in at each table...or to fill with ice and have a bottle of champagne sitting pretty inside. and it doubles as a PRACTICAL centerpiece people could take home. afterall, everybody could use more jugs. especially if they're as beautiful as this one.

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e said...

beautiful. i must go buy one now.