Monday, July 9, 2007

#87: gocco fever.

i want one. i want one so bad. but i don't want the mondo-sized gocco they're selling for a bajillion dollars over at paper source. i want the B6.

i've read the instructions of how to use a gocco a bunch of times...but i still don't understand how it works. i need to see it to believe it. i need to feel the machine in my hands. i need to work it myself. i need to practice. i. just. need. it.

let me tell you a sad story. i like to custom design blank cards. with stamps and ink. but that's not that sad part. the sad part is that my stamp collection consists of:

1) a packet of seasonal greetings and pictures purchased as a set from target i.e. 'i love you' and 'happy holidays' and 'easter eggs' etc.
2) the alphabet.

and that's it. crying yet?

so to expand my creative horizon, i want the gocco. plus, the thought of DIY invites, std's, menus, place cards...gets my you-know-whats all in a bunch!

so back to the gocco search. since they don't distribute in the US, the only other option, it seems, is to get the B6 off ebay. i have never purchased anything off ebay. i don't even know how to use paypal, whatever that is. add the fact that i'm leary about getting screwed...and scared about getting addicted to the online auction site...and i'd rather purchase a brand spankin' new machine.

i asked the scoop ( to help me since they recently posted goccorific info on their site. crossing my fingers for good news.


Tara said...

Hi there. Delurking to say I can feel your pain. I've been dying for a Gocco for a couple of years. Followed them on Ebay for a while, but I already do one craft with discontinued supplies (Polaroid manipulations) and learned not to take on another.... Anyway, now that they're back on the market, wedding invites are the perfect excuse, but I don't know that they're a PaperSource kind of prices excuse!!

For non-Ebay sources of the smaller version of the Gocco, try the links at under "Gocco supplies". Several of them list actual Goccos for sale.

But, as a postscript, you shouldn't be afraid of Ebay! You might not want to start with a Gocco, but I don't know how you could possibly plan an inexpensive wedding without it. That's where I got my wedding dress ($420 for designer all-silk from Italy), my shoes ($7.50 for designer Italian), and our bridesmaid dresses ($15.50 and $39 for Bill Levkoff) ... and we haven't even started on decorations! Ebay is seriously the greatest shopping invention ever. Hands down.

Rosie & Andy said...

First things first, I want a Gocco too! Hehe. I've wanted one for years. But, since they were discontinued I just couldn't justify the cost of having to "find" supplies that were most likely going to be more expensive! I'm sure the B6 will go on sale eventually. If not, ebay is the way to go!

As for ebay, I just started using it myself. I purchased Informal Thank You cards for the wedding. $19.95 for 600! It's the cheapest I've found ANYWHERE! As you can see ebay has some GREAT deals. But, be sure to comparison shop. They definitely are NOT always the cheapest prices. But, don't be scared. Only buy from sellers who have good feedback, take paypal and who tell you their policies (such as returns, shipping, etc.).

Other wedding purchases from ebay:
~ Cake Topper (originally from oriental trading, but I didn't need 12 of them!)
~ Hat for shower
~ Groomsmen ties
~ BM dress (remember the one from Target? The discontinued the blue style and I had to get it off ebay)

As for Paypal. It's honestly the devil. I hate it, but it makes buying on ebay a LOT easier. Google Checkout is MUCH better, but not many people use it. When I signed up for Paypal, I started receiving junk mail in an email account I've had for 5 years without ANY junk mail! The ONLY thing I can relate it back to is Paypal. I wouldn't put any cash into Paypal, nor would I enter my account information. I've heard too many errors occurring. I just use my paypal account to keep track of my purchases and to pay with my credit card.

hoshi said...

uhm is selling gocco systems and supplies. you can try there. you can also try to buy a screen printing kit from a local art store for less as it does the same thing...though i think it might be messier. i've been drooling over goccos for a while now, but the price always stops me.

anyway like your site a lot. liked over from mrs. bee listed you as one of her favorite wedding blogs. ^_^

i'm also a not-yet-engaged gal, but i mostly lurk on wedding blogs. haven't really planned out yet, but my ideal price tag is $10k as well ^_^

Marywibis said...

Hey everyone! Goccos are easy to get!!

Lots of folks on etsy sell them for just $100 bucks, brand new straight from japan. shipping is high at $50, but again, it's from Japan.

I have all their shop's names if you need help. Just convo me at

good luck! mary