Monday, March 31, 2008

#272: ...and beyond.

a set of 5 lanterns (batteries included!) will set you back $10. imagine a makeshift chandelier filled with these little bits of light along with huge white tissue pomanders and those deliciously large white balloons. sounds like a party i'd want to go to.

{thanks reader sara c.}

Sunday, March 30, 2008

#271: unbelievably less than $15,000.

photo by jessica johnston as seen on snippet & ink.

key take-aways from knottie 99vintageglam who was able to plan her outrageously beautiful wedding for under $15,000:
*75 guests
*non-floral, all candle centerpieces
*ornate venue, minimal decorations
*tissue pomanders
*beer and wine only (per venue's orders)

#270: couture wedding.

i got a hot tip from a reader the other day. search ebay for "couture wedding" and you'll find yourself digging through a trove of amazing dresses.

like this one:

for $699.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

#269: oh hello.

very pretty. especially if it were to cover the entire width of your finger. if you know what i mean.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

#268: wedding ideas.

i got tagged by a little of this...a little of that!

-List your top three new favorite wedding ideas
-Link back to the post of the person who tagged you - this will create a continuous stream of posts that readers can follow
-Tag a new person and share the rules.

three new favorite wedding are wedding ideas really ever new? ha. though i do think 'trends' would be the more appropriate term, i also don't think i know enough about them or what's really considered new or old. so i'll just talk about very general progressions i've noticed in the wedding blogosphere and happen to really like.

1) bucking the trend. many brides are thinking outside the box. dresses, traditions, etiquette are no longer set formulas. anything is possible! oh, and engaged-to-be's are scoping options before we're even supposed to. (guilty!)

2) less is more. tacky over the top shenanigans are losing their place to meaningful, loving, intimate, affordable affairs.

3) generous wedding industry folk. i mean, have you guys seen all the amazing contests i've posted about in the past few months? i love that through winning these contests, we the people, not we the extravagantly wealthy, are offered the chance to partake in some of the most amazing talent out there.

i'm quite thankful for this tag because i've really hit a blogging wall these days. i don't know why but i've been diligently scouring tons of blogs every single day and haven't felt any sparks. maybe i need some direction. and a research topic. which of my label topics do you need help with? as i help you, i will be helping myself. so please, do us both a favor and throw me a suggestion. thanks!

that said, i need to tag someone who can share her 3 new fave wedding ideas. a normal person would tag someone who blogs about weddings in her spare time. but...i am not normal. so. i'm going to go out on a limb here and tag not miss wedding blog but rather...miss creative. amber of daisy chain. who's in hawaii at the moment and making me exceedingly jealous with all of her lovely island musings.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

#267: do you love disney?

win yourself a honeymoon to see the mickster himself!

contest goes until april.

side note: as an informal poll of my 3 readers, do you guys like it when i post about these dealios? i am SOOO all about taking advantage of these opportunities! hopefully you understand that i share these things with you with the intention of providing you with options to explore if you're serious about cutting down the fundage.

another side note: i wish i could enter all of these competitions myself. alas, i cannot. because i'm not getting married. yet.

last side note: don't get me wrong. i don't feel any biological pressure to get married (and put absolutely zero pressure on the b.f. because i think it should happen when it's meant to happen aka not forced aka not now) but i'm just saying. i hope all of these things are going on the year i finally get engaged. because if there's a draught of these contests when my turn finally comes around, i'm going to go bridezilla. on myself.

so patience is apparently a virtue. hm.

{thanks lisa!}

#266: contest, folks!

win $10,000.

how relevant to this blog is that?! oh, actually, anything 'free' is always relevant on this blog. unfortunately, i'm outties because it's not available to CA people but if you're not in CA, UT, TN, PR (puerto rico??), you are SO lucky to have a chance to win $10,000 and a planning day with editor anna pezik.

do it. prove it.

courtesy mirassou winery.

Monday, March 10, 2008

#265: magic word.

did someone say bulk? oh hey hey! thanks miss hydrangea!

enter: the dollar tree. so i did some browsing and found a couple of goodies for you.

if you live in a rainy place:

dollar umbrellas.

if your wedding is outdoors:

dollar sunglasses in various styles. (this would be friggin brilliant, and a fab photo op!)

Saturday, March 8, 2008

#264: vintage wedding dresses.

etsy wedding recently posted a link to vintage wedding stuff. i don't know WHY but i'm on shopaholic mode lately so i immediately added "dress" to that and did another search. if you're inspired to do a little stitch here and a little stitch there, these could definitely work some magic for you on your special day. imagine the possibilities.







Saturday, March 1, 2008

#263: it's lovely.

when i first started researching for my faux-wedding, i had no doubt in my mind that a bride would need to drop at least $2000 for a dress worthy of wowing the future hubs. at least.

but i've since been inspired by you brilliant readers and am happy to report that i now know that i have endless lovely dress options, all of which fall within my 'budget' aka $500 or know, for when it comes time to drop the 'faux' from 'faux-wedding'.

$3000 dresses are wonderful...hell, so are $10,000 dresses...but hope is not lost for those who have limited resources (ME!) and would rather put the extra money where our stomachs are (ME AGAIN!) and at the same time would prefer something a little less cookie cutterish (um, ME...).

open your mind and keep the faith, ladies.

and if i were getting married, say, this june, i'd keep the faith whilst prancing around in this $440 rebecca taylor number.


{thanks to the ever-stylish joanna for the find.}