Tuesday, July 17, 2007

#97: real budgets.


another one of my daily reads featured brides with real budgets of $10-12k. how relevant! some of the most important takeaways for me...

*catering costs at $15 pp. i almost keeled over. i asked for details...hopefully they will respond and we will have a better idea of how to do this for ourselves!

*photography at <$2000. for some reason, a lot of the websites i've found myself drooling at start wedding packages at $6000. next! if these brides are happy with their photogs, i can find mine too. great to have a real gauge.

*95 guests = $150 for DIY invites and postage. i'm assuming she invited 120 guests...which is kind of what i have in mind for myself.

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Rosie & Andy said...

Our catering is only a few dollars more a head than what you posted, but I worked at the venue for 3 years. It'll include the ceremony & reception venue as well as food.

Also, I know quite a few people have used Boston Market. It's like $12-14 a head. Cheap!

We aren't hiring a photographer, but there is an Atlanta favorite that is definitely less that $2000 and her photos are absolutely AMAZING!

Also, my invitations came to $189 for 140 invitations, but I could have done it for $130 if I wasn't set on having custom envelopes!

I can't wait until after the wedding so I can submit my budget to weddingbee. I'm soo excited.

Our wedding is a morning wedding with a full-breakfast for ~150 people and we are spending less that $5k.

If you want more details about our budget/wedding, check out my knot profile & blog: