Tuesday, July 10, 2007

#91: not etsy friendly either.

as you know, i'm not ebay friendly. it's not that i don't like the site. i actually love browsing through all the merchandise. especially when it's, you know, just for fun. but i have yet to sign up and actually buy something. i tried to be serious with my search...once...when i was looking for sconces for my apartment. i put in as much detail as i could (gold, candle, wall) but i still had to look through something like 30,000 pages. i don't know about you but i found it exhausting combing through all of that. so, i haven't been back since. however, i will say that your comments are encouraging and i'm rather close to convincing myself to really give it a try. the bargains are obviously unbeatable. and who's down for a bargain? me.

another one of those sites that trouble me because you have to be a 'member' and sign up (though yes, it's free) and do all this extra dilly dangle is etsy.com. i like online stores where you just click 'buy' and it dumps your pick into a shopping cart and then all you have to do is relinquish your plastic and wait for the UPS guy to grace you with his presence. it seems to work a lot better for me than trying to join something like etsy. i tried to join etsy about a month ago so i could be a buyer. but when i tried to purchase something, the system went awry on me. i don't recall the exact error but i had to do all this extra stuff and by that time, i had determined it wasn't worth it. patience...a virtue? i hadn't heard...

but as you know and i know...there are several standout amazing etsy sellers. i admire and want to be like the talented artists who sell their wares on that site. the problem is...you need to FIND them. cut through the smog, so they say.

and that's when the blessings of the blogs that feature specific ebay AND etsy finds pour down upon us. these blogs feature items from sellers they've hand-selected to share with us (and literally, there are hundreds, thousands, MILLIONS of sellers! - i mean, there might as well be), thus eliminating the entire practice of having to sift through everything on your own and, if your taste is similar to theirs, double whammy, you have a personal etsy shopper.

now that's my kind of blog!

so here is a seller i feel strongly enough about to keep track of, introduced by and featured today on "another shade of grey":


even the name is ridiculously sexy, don't you think? i would snag the vases/bowls as they come up on this site and use them for the centerpieces.


WeddingsinaBox said...

So, I must be an idiot.
I cannot for the life of me find your email on your Blog, or too darn tired.
Anyway, Here is the email I wanted to send you!
If you have any questions or would like to contact us in general. Please do so at: weddingsinabox@gmail.com

Hello my Wedding Planning friend.

My name is Melinda and I operate the Blog; Weddings In A Box.

I wanted to let you know I have visited your Wedding Blog and I love it!

I am hoping you do not mind that I have added your Blog to my list of Best
Wedding Blogs.
I have listed you and added a link straight to your site.

I hope this comes as good news and that you can visit when time permits.

I always love hearing from others in the wedding industry & wedding




Rosie & Andy said...

Me again! Hehe. I'm a faithful reader! :)

I LOVE etsy.com as well! You can also find some GREAT bargains here as well.

I bought a my hair come for $17 and it is GORGEOUS! I bought it from seller strandedtreasures. Definitely check out her stuff.

I've also bought a couple of gifts from the site. Not everything is a great price though. You still have to do some research to make sure you are getting a good deal.

You can also get some great gocco ideas.

Also, seller heatherjeany does custom gocco wedding invitations. Great shop to get some ideas.

Speaking of ideas, www.istockphoto.com has some great illustrations for wedding stationary. Search keywords such as "scroll" or "ornamental". I purchased the image for our DIY invitations from this site.

Ten Thousand Only said...

r&a: i just told my friend about that site. you know, the friend i had talked about who has an AMAZING eye for photography? hopefully he'll get some of his work posted on there! either way, i poked around a bit and it seems like a great source for ideas. thanks!