Tuesday, July 17, 2007

#96: DIY invites.

from http://budgetdreamweddings.com/weddingplanning/?p=1369

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Chrys said...

Hey there:) I am really glad you like this project:) I don't mind you sharing but would you mind perhaps sharing the photo and idea, and asking readers to go to my site to see the instructions?

It's not that I don't want to share - the problem is that even though you were honest about copy/pasting - search engines don't consider that. So all the effort I put into writing the original content is for nothing if we both have the same thing. Search engines will not see either post as original content and many search engines actually drop your rating for that. SO - copy/pasting can hurt both my traffic and yours.

OH - please feel free to delete this comment. I don't want to attack you at all I just have no idea how to get a hold of you otherwise, lol. And again, thanks for the compliment - just please, a short descriptions or "why I like this project" and then - go here for the instructions will be MUCH better for both our blogs and will avoid copyright infringement as well:)