Monday, July 2, 2007

#80: in n out no mo.

in my opinion, i feel like outdoor, casual affairs are easier to construct cost-effectively. does that sentence NOT make sense or what. anyways, there's a lot less pressure to serve gourmet food and even dress and attitude automatically veers from stiff and traditional (aka $$$).

but. i seriously SERIOULY seriously do not photograph well outdoors. i don't know if it's my brows or my skin or just my, probably all of it, actually...but sunlight wrecks what little wittle beauty i feel like i possess. come wedding day, i want to look bangin'. i want to have that confidence that all brides should have. i want my FOREVER-photos to be amazing. and i just don't think i can do that outdoors. at least not during the daytime.

so...i think i'm going to have to scrap the in-n-out idea for sure. i don't want outdoor. i want indoor. or, if i have outdoor, it can't be during the day. and for some reason, in-n-out trucks for an evening wedding makes it exponentially ghettoer. *shrugs*

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