Tuesday, July 17, 2007

#98: faking it.

i missed a call from one of my close friends yesterday. when i checked my voicemail, her message was: "i'm getting married".

naturally, i teared up a little and then proceeded to freak out. too bad for me she's in a faraway country and i couldn't call her back right away. i told the bf (who eerily got amped about it) as well as my family. and i've never tried to call her before (she calls me cheap but the truth is...i can't remember 30 digit phone numbers...and besides, when we regularly use email and snail mail to keep in touch, why is the phone so important?) but the bf insisted that i call her back. he set up some account on skype.com and i called her a bunch of times. but of course it didn't really work. so then i called her using our landline due to the bf's continued persistance...and i was finally able to get a hold of her.

are you ready for this? turns out she's not really getting married. yet. as in...her bf hasn't proposed. her family wants her to get hitched asap so her mom told her she has until the end of this year to tie the knot in order to receive her dowry/inheritance. (faraway country, remember?) my first question to her was "how did he propose??" her answer was "oh, he hasn't yet."

say what?

anyways, all the excitement and heart palpitations were for no reason. and basically, i called her just to have her laugh at me and lovingly call me cheap and a damn gossip for telling the bf and my family that she's getting married.

i told her she was out of her mind to leave me that kind of message in the first place and proceeded to ask wtf was her problem.

*sigh* i miss her.

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