Thursday, July 26, 2007

#127: out of my @$$.

i attempted my very first budget wayyy back when, during the baby stages of this blog. it was my fifth post! i hadn't really researched anything...and any budget lists i found online were way too intimidating for me at that point. so. i kept it very general and only covered what i felt were the items i could actually build small budgets around if only i had the right ideas. and as of now, it's still very raw around the edges. $150 for invites? maybe unrealistic...but really, also maybe possible. the more i research, the more i think it can be done.


casablancabride said...

We made our own Save the Date cards and invitations and managed to do 100 of each for a little over $500. That includes 2 envelopes for the invitations, envelopes for the Save the Dates, calligraphy pens (I did it myself), the Save the Date magnets we had made, the invites themselves, AND postage which was .58 because they weighed over 1 oz. $150 for invites? probably not do-able but it's totally possible to cut a few corners

Rosie & Andy said...

Our STDs were only $10.60 (excluding postage) and the invites were ~$200 for 140. Not too bad. I could have done them much cheaper if I wasn't set on having printed envelopes.

Also, if you plan to Gocco your invites, that'll save you a good bit of money. You can get images from (search for a coupon code for 3 free credits!) and design them yourself too!

Then, it's just a matter of paper, envelopes & Gocco supplies. I think $150-200 is definitely do-able!

Rosie & Andy said...

Wait, I should add...that is of course if you don't count the cost of the Gocco as part of the cost of the invitations!

Teana said...

in my uber-planning ways, i priced out the complete cost of my diy invites [with tax AND shipping - i am nothing if not thorough] and so far it's come out to about $160 not including postage. there are definitely ways i can cut this down, mainly going with a different maker for the postcard rsvps but i think it's doable depending on where you get your materials and what you do. if i were actually getting married, they would be pocketfolds with four inserts. veddy nice for about $1.60 an invite!

my entire estimated stationary costs [stds, invites, programs, thank you cards - all diy and does include extra ink cartridges] comes in at about $275. total. not too shabby.

bleenie said...

Did you cut your own pocketfolds or did you buy them?

Teana said...

bleenie - i'll be cutting them. mine are really simple, it's more like a folder with a pocket. nothing that a little craft stuff can fancy up.