Wednesday, July 25, 2007

#124: budget time. again.

after making the fake guest list last time, i really don't think 100 is a realistic number.

so how much for 120 guests?

IF i commission the lindley-scott house:

3 bm/gm
$400 – bride
$100 – groom
$150 – bm
$150 – gm
$7000 - reception (incl tax and tip)
$200 – flowers
$100 – centerpieces
$150 – invites
$2000 - photos
$300 - bridal party gifts
$10550 TOTAL

what do you think? overbudget $550. is that fly?


Teana said...

how are you figuring out what to spend on each thing? is there a percentage or just picking what you think works? i'm trying to figure out what to spend myself.

Anonymous said...

$150 for invites is way too optomistic!

Britt and Sean said...

You are being way too optimistic on flowers, girl. Consider all of the bouquets as well as boutonierres.

And let's not forget all the little things like stamps for the invites, wedding bands, wedding night hotel room, marriage license, programs (or substitute), guest book (or substitute), officiant (tip/fee/gift), cake (or dessert substitute), tips/gift for photographer and videographer, etc.

And while an Ipod sounds good (make sure they provide all the stereo equipment you'll need including microphones), you'll definitely need someone in charge to move things along at the right pace so you get out of there on time and don't forget anything - cake cutting, bouquet toss, toasts, etc. You may find someone willing to do this for free, but it makes a huge difference in everyone's experience of the big day.

But I got my invitations from the Costco Business Warehouse (God bless Costco) for $165. They were completely made to order and very simple, which was fine by me. They'll just get thrown away later, right?