Thursday, July 19, 2007

#108: i think i know what i need to do.

the PG6 large is now offered at papersource. but for $395. not incl tax (though shipping is free). ouch right?

so then i asked 'the scoop' for help JUST IN CASE australians also happened to be fans of gocco ( found a retailer in sydney, which is where i'll be traipsing around in august.

Hello: Do you have the PG-5 printer in your shop?

Yes we do have a Print gocco PG-5 in our store. The Kit is $299.95 and we are happy to open it and explain its functions and the various parts that come in the kit.
Kind Regards
Eckersleys Art and Craft
Sydney City
93 York St,
Sydney 2000
PH: 9299 - 4151
FX: 9290 - 1169

with some handy dandy exchange calculations:
299.95 AUD=263.826 USD

and then i thought...hey, why don't i get it straight from the distributor and get it shipped to our friends who we're visiting and reside in sydney.

Sub Total: $199.00
Delivery: $6.40
GST: $19.90
TOTAL: $225.30
225.30 AUD=198.079 USD
exactly. now all i need to figure out is if i should also order additional supplies. like bulbs and mesh screens and ink.


Jennifer said...

I've just discovered this blog...such a perfect idea! I'm in the $10,000 range as well. And I tell you what, you just stole my idea for DIY gocco invites.

tea said...

amazing what a little leg work can unearth isn't? congrats on locating a deal on the gocco!

Bride of Rochester said...

i want a gocco so very very much!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to look on Craigslist! I found a garage sale post on Craigslist LA that was selling a brand new never used Gocco for $100. I bought in hopes to use it for my DIY wedding invites for the wedding that I'll have when...haha...I get engaged.