Saturday, May 31, 2008

#307: inspiration.

from the brides cafe.

i love the fresh cool romantic spicy fun passionate vibe these colors exude. i'm totally convincing myself about this whole 'jewel-colored' theme i got going on here. what do you think? yes? does this excitement mean i've found 'the colors' of my day?

#306: jewel-toned goodness.

ok. i don't know if i spilled this to you yet...but as of late, i've been strangely drawn to jewel-toned anythings. i love that burst of pinks with purples with fuschias with dark reds with creams with a little bit of teal. and after i just blogged about mrs. lime's venue, i had to see more of it. and look what i found.

michael norwood photography via mrs. lime

yeah? yeah??

#305: clarke estate.

clarke estate

i thought i'd seen most of the commercial estates/mansions used for weddings but i hadn't seen this place. i wonder what 'reasonable rental fee' means to mrs. lime because if her language is the same as mine, i definitely want to check it out.

Friday, May 30, 2008

#303: oy.

i've been searching and searching. and searching.

it's proving tre difficult to find a house that is at the same time affordable and willing to accommodate a backyard seated reception for 100 people.


anyone have suggestions as to other 'vacation rental' websites i could scour?

on a positive note, i've been slightly re-thinking my reception vision...akin to the tune events. i've been to...oh, about 100 of them...and they're always a joy not only because you end up happily toasted but also because you get to taste a little bit of everything. and also the same thing several times over, if you happen to really like it!

the pros:
*lots of food options - caters to any and all finicky palates
*promotes mingling (and hopefully laughter)
*less stuffy
*no seating cards (or charts...or headaches creating the seating cards and charts)
*fewer tables that can be ornately decorated

Thursday, May 22, 2008

#302: i tried to win $10,000.

man. i just tried to enter this contest and got stumped at question #1.

"when and where will your wedding take place?"

sh*t. no idea.

update: oops, so sorry. since i first mentioned this contest months ago, i had forgotten that residents of cali couldn't enter. i need to learn to read the fine print. beFORE i start signing vendor contracts.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

#300: a self-sufficient flower.

from a lucky orchid wedding.

not really sure what that tall stem of a flower is but just 4 of those on that table makes a huge statement.

i kinda like it. a lot.

Friday, May 16, 2008

#299: wow.

in honor of my 300th post (300 posts!!! er, do i need a life?...), i'm starting a new series on this blog. *yay.*

unfortunately for you, it's not called "free sh*t" or "real weddings" or "inspiration boards". first, there are too many other blogs who are truly the experts at all of the above. second, i don't have any free sh*t to give or any real weddings to show you or know how to create inspiration boards. i know. i'm challenged.

so instead. my series is going to be called "newbie mistakes". how'd it come about? well, it's been two weeks since i've gotten engaged and i've already been called "demanding" and "high-maintenance". in the same sentence. so i decided...i'm going to share with you how it happened to you could prevent it from ever happening to you.

ya dig? coming soon.

#298: so, in that backyard...

i think i would rock this super casual number.

$440 via

Thursday, May 15, 2008

#297: 90210.

i don't know about you. but my imagination is running wild with the possibilities in this backyard.

side note: has anyone else ever rented a home for a reception? and i don't mean those estate weddings...i'm talking straight up renting a vacation home and hosting your shabang in the backyard (with all the right permissions granted, of course). just wondering about previous experiences.

#296: my first time.

wait, did you think i was going to talk about 'that'? girl please.

after giving it some thought, i've just entered the beautiful garden boutique $250 giveaway. because i'm now a rightful bride to be. whaaaaaat.

enter here (only a few hours left!).

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

#295: if it was tomorrow.

several people have asked me what my wedding colors are.

and...i don't know. i have no idea. i check out snippet and ink every single day. and i fall in love with all of her boards. each and every one. in other words, my 'favorite colors' change every single day.


i saw this photo today and thought...if my wedding was happening tomorrow, i'd want it to feel like this. the shiny teal, the gradiated pink, fuschia and lavender, the greens, the daylight, the hint of sky.

from whitebox weddings via with this ring.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

#294: a bowl full of posies.

from absolutely beautiful things.

#293: a happy surprise.

what do you know. i think we'll actually be within the 100-125 guestlist range. fabulosity.

of course...we haven't gotten our parents' lists yet. but don't worry. i'm STRONG (mentally. kind of).

#292: if you win, you'd better tell me.

because i always wonder if these things are for real.

jcrew honeymoon at the beach prize

#291: the malibu dream.

i emailed these folks too. as much as i like the convenience of hotel or restaurant receptions, i also want to keep my mind and eyes open for something that could possibly be more...intimate...casual...home-y...a place that would maybe allow me to orchestrate a reception that would be own...less...cookie cutter.

i don't have high hopes because i doubt they'd be cool with 100 people walking around the property for a night...but it doesn't hurt to ask. *crosses fingers vehemently*

Sunday, May 11, 2008

#289: the ling-bay.

so. here's the how. kind of from the very beginning.


we had been dating for a rather tumultuous six months (translation: yours truly refused to be exclusive). towards the end of the six months, we signed up to run a half-marathon. the day after the race, along with sore legs, i realized i also had all these pent up mushy feelings for him. so i let him know...that i was down to get serious and give us a try.

two years later, after moving together to a new city and living in sin for a year, we signed up for a triathlon as motivation to get buff and keep us in shape. the plan totally didn't work. but we decided not to drop out, even if it meant failing during the first leg of the race. since we didn't care about the time and simply hoped to come out alive at the end, he convinced me that we should run the course together.

so we did. he could've easily burned me but he chose to be my backbone. i suffered and cursed a million times but we biked and ran together...trekked through and crossed the finish line hand in hand. after our friends congratulated us, we headed to our transition areas to gather our things (including my tiny wetsuit that almost suffocated me during the swim). he suggested that we go to the lake for a quick dip since the sun had gotten pretty hot by then. i said ok.

bf: "come into the water with me. it feels great."

after dipping my toe in: "nah. it's too cold."

bf: "um, are you sure?...come on. no? but don't you want to cool off? yeah? no? hm, ok." splashes water around to 'cool off'. comes out of the water and hugs me. "isn't this great?"

me: "sure."

bf: "so...we've done a half marathon...and you've put up with me for two years...and now we've completed our first triathlon together..."

me: "yeah..."

bf: " you could marry me?"

me: "we should definitely discuss that at some point..."

bf: "'m being serious..."

me: "what?"

bf: now on bended knee. "will you marry me...?"

me: "whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-

by then, i was covering my face and then uncovering my face and then covering my face and then wiping my eyes and then sticking out my hand and saying "are you serious" about a million times. he had to prompt me to give him an answer as i'd apparently forgotten to say anything other than "are you serious".

so i said yes. yes to forever with him.

round brilliant center, flanked by two rose-cut diamonds. the setting is a beautiful rose gold.

#288: two fiddy.

contest actually started may 1st. but there's still time.

*blush* should i enter??? *end blush*

the deets:
Brides must first visit the Bridal Jewelry Collection @ The Beautiful Garden Boutique. Then go to our blog and leave a comment about their favorite piece. We will be picking the winner at random and posting the winner on our blog on Friday, May 16th, 2008


No Purchase Necessary. Contestants have until Midnight PST, Thursday May 15th, 2008 to enter. To be eligible to win, contestants must leave a comment on our blog, be at least 18 years old, have a valid email address, and U.S. Mailing address. There will be 1 (one) winner announced on Friday, May 16th, 2008.

Everyone who enters will be given a 20% off coupon towards their total order from our Bridal Jewelry Collection. The coupon will be valid from Friday, May 16th 2008 – Midnight PST, Saturday May 31st, 2008.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

#287: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

ok, seriously, my mind is racing. like...RAY-sing.

my mind feels like one of ball roller things...with each bingo ball a roaring thought or question...

thank you so much.....thank you.....for the many warm comments and congrats. and also, of course, for the not-so-subtle nudges to get off my ass and update. loves it.

since he popped it (the question that is) we've slowly been telling our friends and family. everyone has so far been delightfully ECSTATIC for us. and the fab endorphins are a-flowing, like the alcohol will be on my wedding day. i'm on a high, people. a wonderful high.

the boyf...i mean, FIANCE...obviously knows about this blog and shares my intention to be budget-minded. so after some flighty discussions about venues and dates, we decided to figure out the guest list before anything.

we'll be listing the a's (musts) and b's (maybes) in excel.

i'm crossing my fingers for a list of 100 people. good luck to us.

as for the story of "how" it happened, i'm going to have to keep you in suspense a while longer. i'd like to think this blog is totally anonymous but just in case one of my sneaky friends knows about this blog and is following it without me knowing, i have to keep it a secret. meaning no details that could possibly confirm that it's "me" or any pictures. we're slowly leaking the news and trying to do in person so most of my girlfriends still don't know.

but...the plan is to have told everyone by next week. which means...story and pics to come!

oh wait, but if sneaky friend knows that it's me and read the previous post, then that means she knows that i'm engaged, doesn't it.

uhhh. wait, what? bingo balls...

Sunday, May 4, 2008

#286: omfg.

you guys...

he asked...
i allowed myself a few tears...
he waited...
i said yes...
he slipped it on me...
i gazed...
we made out...
people cheered...

it's time to update my profile.