Wednesday, July 18, 2007

#103: some color.

so, if you've been following the entries'll recall that i'm trying to spiff up my house. aka, i'm trying to make my house...a home.

one of the important lessons i'm that you need to kind of plan ahead. kind of. i say kind of because first of all, you don't know what something will ACTUALLY look like until you DO IT...and second, you can drive yourself nuts trying to just picture all the different layouts and plans in your head (been there!). anyway, that's how i justify why i didn't plan.

my living room is pretty much finito. i finally got all the furniture i wanted in place...and i'm planning to hit antique fairs to gather the goods for the finishing touches. however, the other day, i was looking around at my living room...and i realized...that all my furniture. is. brown. in my attempt to somewhat coordinate color, i filled up my tiny living area with a bunch of brown furniture. oops. my desk should have been white...the dining table should have been turquoise...the t.v. stand should have been glass...etc. something should have just NOT been brown. because now it's almost like i live in a tree. oh well. lesson learned.

so now i have to fix it, right?

to kind of deneutralize the neutral color scheme, i think it'd be brilliant to toss in something like this as my desk chair. (found on today's 'more ways to waste time' entry)

it's from urban outfitters and at $200, not at all offensive on the wallet! but then i thought to myself...self, you do not have space for yet aNOTHER chair. so now i'm thinking...chair cushions.

and yes, you've guessed it, my chairs (for the desk and for the dining table) are brown. all. brown. i know anthropologie has some amazing chair cushions. but too bad they're completely offensive on the wallet. time to ask 'more ways to waste time' for etsy recs!

it's a blogger world and i'm a blogger girl.

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