Thursday, July 19, 2007

#106: it was a good day.

Rosie & Andy said... Did you see you were featured on yesterday?!?


i'm a 9 to 5'er and, as with most 9 to 5'ers, not particularly challenged to the core. with time in one hand and desire in the other, i decided to bend all the rules and start gathering my wedding ideas early...even though i am not engaged and have no idea when i'm going to get married. but i figured, if i want creativity to trump cost, time is what i need. so why not just start. and i didn't think it'd be fruitful to print all my findings (which is 100% via internet) i decided to collect them in this blog.

lawd! i had no idea that people would actually read my blog, offer suggestions, spark ideas...and most of all, be so. damn. encouraging. makes me feel all mushy inside...

...and even after 100+ entries, i still don't know how i'd execute a $10k wedding of my dreams. which means this blog lives on.

i pretty much almost couldn't handle it yesterday when i read weddingbee. the bf calls me a 'movie star' now. and is it wrong that i kind of feel like one?...

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Sarah Dennis said...

Love the blog...It's my "daily inspiration", congratulations for being mentioned on WB! As a newly engaged bride2be, I'm already suffering from sticker shock and I've just scratched the surface of the planning process.

I'll be tuning in daily. You've given me hope...if you can have a wedding on a $10,000 budget so can I!!!