Friday, July 20, 2007

#112: martha's brilliance.

invites like these (featured today on 'frolic') are perfect for a buffet or family style reception. there are no other decisions to be made besides 'yes/no' and 'how many'. if your guests are as fun as you are (and if you send these out, YOU ARE FUN!), the responses you get, i'm sure, would be heartbreakingly sensational.

when i saw those cards, i remembered this idea! it's a spin on the above rsvp card in that you'd be requesting 'artistic' renditions of you as a couple. but if the guests wanted to also write a message, they could totally go ahead and do so.

my heart is beating faster and i'm liking this idea more and more. besides...with all the gocco-love i plan to's a match made in invite-heaven. (p.s. i had a bugger of a time trying to find my old entry because i hadn't filed it under 'invites'. into the right category it goes!)


Teana said...

if this would garuantee a returned rsvp i'd be so over it.

longvowels said...

I am getting married and you are my inspiration. I've been telling family and friends about having a wedding for no more than 10,000 dollars and most of them laughed.
It can be done, has been done and it will be done by me!
great blog!