Tuesday, July 17, 2007

#100: nothing too special.

i am so lame that i want to throw a party and invite my two faithful readers/commenters/wedding connoisseurs "r&a" and "e" to celebrate my 100th entry with me! and by 'party', i mean sitting around eating a great meal and talking shop, of course. ha!

however, this is a blogger's world...so i have to resort to a shout-out instead. holla!

"r&a", again by suggesting something, made the teeny wheels in my head start turning.

i was never a huge fan of boston market...but i freaking love a rotisserie place called 'california chicken cafe'.

check out the pdf menu here:

3 of the 30-40 ppl chicken meal @ 220 = 660
throw in a few extra sides = 250
throw in a server = 60

and i'm at 970. what a pretty number!

i'm picturing an indoor buffet setup. either at a venue that will allow for it (and have everything else like buffet trays/table/linens/ware included in the site fee) or at a friend's mansion. which reminds me...anybody have a mansion and more importantly, do you want to be my friend?

the theme would be 'california casual'...and yes, i would absolutely wear flowers in my hair.

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