Monday, July 23, 2007

#114: the 8 things.

i remember when i went to a camp in 8th grade or so. my best friend at the time was THAT GIRL. you know...the one all the boys would start snowfights with. apparently, that was how you showed interest in someone. and basically, no one ever threw snowballs at me. feeling left out, i'd toss a lame snowball at someone hoping that he'd throw one back at me. sometimes he would. and sometimes, yeah not so much.

i don't know why, but getting tagged reminded me of those times...and made me realize how far i've come. thanks sarah dennis!

so here are 8 facts about me. you'll probably regret getting to know about 7 of these.

1) i have three vices: food, coffee, cigarettes. which reminds me, i need to get my teeth whitened.
2) i broke my leg, in the same spot, twice when i was in 2nd grade.
3) disloyal and ungrateful people drive me nuts; so i try hard not to be those.
4) i love learning new things from interesting people. wedding related or otherwise.
5) i've been to europe 3 times and asia once...and never stayed in a hotel.
6) i can cry whenever i want.
7) the bf had to chase me pretty hard. quite a tough lad! but i love him more each day.
8) i have mafia-ish tendencies (see #3). anything...ANYTHING...for my family.

that's me, in a nutshell. and now i'm tagging...

another shade of grey
emily and laura


Sarah Dennis said...

Brilliant! Thanks so much for sharing, I loved reading your 8 things. It's so much fun getting to know our favorite bloggers on a personal level.

perfectbound said...

Hey there! Thanks for tagging me. Stay tuned for my post. I too love getting to know the authors behind all my daily reads.

Rachel said...

Thanks for the tag, I finally just posted mine.