Tuesday, July 17, 2007

#101: mansions.


goodness. is it really that difficult to provide prices directly on the website?

(2 minutes later) sooooo...i called them. i can't help it, i have a disease. it's called "i need to know and i need to know NOW."

of course, i'd have to do a run through...but check this out.

basically, you have the option of renting the 1st floor only (indoor) or patio only or both the indoor and patio.

4 hours is the minimum rental period which would also include set up and clean up. i'd guesstimate that i'd need 6 hours. i'd have the setup begin at 4:30, ceremony at 6, buffet dinner at 7, party until 10:30.

1st floor only = $475/hr
patio only = $175/hr
both = $650/hr

though i would love a set up indoors, that patio-only fee is looking better by the minute. bonus: this place comes with tables and chairs. i'd just have to take care of the linens and buffet set up. not too shabby!

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Anonymous said...

It IS so hard to get prices from a website. Or an info pack. Or through a secretary. This is a business ploy. Prices written in black and white are facts. Facts result in logic. Logically, you would just choose the lowest price right? If all you have is a list of prices, logic suggests that you will do exactly that. However, if you have no choice but to talk to an associate, they have every oppurtunity to sell you first. Some places won't even give prices over the phone; they bring you in, show you the product, reel you in. That way, when you have decided that you MUST have it, price won't matter as much.