Monday, March 30, 2009

#605: i'm not gonna do...

...what you all think i'm going to do. just because i have less than 2 months left.


part of today will be spent doing some homeworkage. i'm going to study this post and all of the subsequent links shared in the comments.

i want our vows to be simple, strong, heartfelt. but not cheesy, dramatic, 'trying too hard'.

best of luck to us.

Friday, March 27, 2009

#604: win it.

need a little something charmy?

or just think this rebecca wynne bracelet would be gorge in silver?

enter a contest to win it. details at happy hour bride.

#603: 30 reasons.

what do you get the guy who wants for nothing.

i have been struggling. his 30th came and went and i had no clue what to get him. i know. bad me. i mean. we celebrated his 30th. but the 'gift' has been IOU for 2 weeks now because i haven't been able to come up with something that would satisfy my inner gifter. whatever i get, i want him to be like 'i want to be 30 again next year.' and perhaps jerk a tear? maybe from laughing so hard? maybe from the sentiment? something like that. and i haven't been able to think of anything that would even remotely have that kind of effect. a watch? golf lessons? scotch? shoes? next.


now i have a plan. i'm going to make a list. a list like this (via a practical wedding). and i'm going to have it printed as a small poster or something. and then frame it for him. so he can have it to look at for always and forever.

because really. who wouldn't like to know 30 ways in which he is absolutely loved and adored.


so. could you suggest any etsy'ers who would be able to create this type of thingamajiggy for me? you know my style right?

much appreciated.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

#602: shoot.

i'm already in the middle of constructing my centerpieces. and i've repeatedly said i don't want to use candles.

but dang.

i need to host a party of some kind so i have an excuse to create these lovelies.

complete instructions over at once wed.

p.s. i said dang. what.

#601: watercolors.

via courtney khail stationery.

so very very pretty, no?

she's hosting a contest over at design crush for a set of stationery. so go take a gander and maybe you'll win.

or maybe i'll win.

i think if i were to win it. i wouldn't send them out, but frame each one for different rooms in my house. and by house, i mean 1-bedroom apartment.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

#600: a & d.

image via etsy seller irenesuchocki (thanks em.)


have you ever seen that movie. muriel's wedding. not saying i'm muriel.


i think it's about time i say some nice things about people. and by people, i mean my girlfriends a & d.

a & d are not in my bridal party. but they're kind of awesome. gal pals who protect my very difficult heart and even more difficult mind. it's a tough job. but they do it. and have done it for almost a decade.

sadly, after college, Life never had plans to let the 3 of us to live within 3000 miles of each other. but we've managed to get together at least once every 1-2 years. either in LA or in new england or some random destination in europe.

anyways, all this just to tell you that a & d just booked their trips and are coming to the wedding.

and that i'm so happy, i could almost burst.

me. burst. imagine.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

#599: words.

i haven't really written anything worth reading these days. or ever.

but meg has. and then esb made me laugh.

and then LPC noted i never use caps. and then i couldn't stop reading her blog.

that's all.

#598: soap giveaway.

via 100 layer cake.

so the ladies of 100 layer cake are hosting a giveaway. a giveaway of yummy soaps that they handmade. or, is it homemade? anyways, the criteria is to leave them a comment describing something unique you're doing or did with your bridesmaids. and then you get the soaps if you win. and then you can gift them to your girlsies.

sadly. i tried to leave a comment but got stuck. because i don't feel like anything i've done has been...'unique'. so. i'm hoping to be inspired by the comments you leave. you know. to get some cool ideas. heh.

so go. leave a comment. maybe win some soaps.

Monday, March 23, 2009

#597: oh for "love & lace".

i was inspired in a major way today by stephanie of love & lace. who i'm starting to feel is kind of most definitely my crafty kindred spirit.

so. i will be constructing a teeny poof of fun color for the guys' bouts. can't wait to get my hands on the goods. that's what she said.

and yes. etsy is addicting. like way.

from etsy seller seven arrows shoppe.

both from etsy seller little vintage violet.

from etsy seller book nook creations.

#596: done.

inspired by ellie, i gocco'd our envelopes with a little squiggly something.

they're addressed, stamped, and will be entering the big blue bin later this morning.

i wonder what peoples' reactions will be when they receive them. or if there will be a reaction at all. i wonder.

Friday, March 20, 2009

#595: new etsy crush.

etsy seller design whimsy via something old, something new.

and with that, i bid you adieu. have a wonderful weekend.


p.s. i had pasta last night and today, i'm way bloated.
note to self: don't have pasta the night before the wedding. thanks.

#594: peek it.

they're pretty much done. ready to go out on monday.

guess who's happy about it.


other things to do this weekend:
*DIY a bouquet. just for fun.

#593: they sure don't.

he looked so groomy with the ivory tie and white shirt.

kind of made me want to jump him.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

#592: heh.

so i've been trying to build a website.

i tried wedding channel.
i tried blogger.
i tried wordpress.
i tried ewedding.
i tried momentville.

and we, as in i, decided to stick with mywedding.

#591: no reason.

there is NO REASON for me to want to spend money. on a dress, especially. except, that i want to.

by sarahseven.

#590: gadgetry.

i'm not a fan of gadgets. i have one of those free phones from verizon and even though the fiance keeps bugging me to upgrade to a bberry, i. will. not. because all i need are the basics.

and it's not often that i see something gadget-y and want. it.

but i saw this on 2000 dollar wedding today and kind of wanted to reach into my computer screen and start taking pictures with my free verizon phone.

polaroid pogo.

digital? instant? what? so cool.

p.s. i dig how she gathered photos from her guests.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

#589: i chuckled.

from i can read via i could be ordinary.

#588: translucent paper.

i picked up a few sheets at michaels last night. i'm still stuck as to what i'm going to do with them. if anything.

in the meantime, my projects for tonight (i'm trying my best to knock things off our list and stay sane by taking it one day at a time) include:
1) address the rest of the envelopes and
2) gocco our return address.

anyways, i saw this today and thought these few words would make a sweet addition to any invitation. or programs. or a wedding website.

via a cup of jo.

#587: distract thyself.

via bridetide.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

#586: glassine.

via greeting arts.

hey. so apparently, you can sew glassine.


#585: not done.

when in doubt, just don't.

i've decided i don't like the flap idea. fiance and i spent a long night last week cutting, folding, constructing, and goccoing a million of these...but i'm not satisfied.

so we're headed to michaels tonight to see what other goodness we can find. i'm thinking something a little less papery, maybe a bit more glassiney, or waxy. i dunno.

in the meantime, i've also decided to gocco our return address on our envelopes. and i might also add a little something something to the front.

almost kind of exactly like this.

via mint. p.s. ellie's site is a trove of design goodness. just sayin.

#584: the alterations.

so now that we're down to like the last 2 months before the wedding (holy mother of the earth), i knew it was about that time to get my dress alterations done.

i had initially called a wedding dress alterations shop. i figured i'd get the alterations done and at the same time try to hustle i mean borrow a veil from their collection (this shop also rents dresses and wedding accessories). two birds, that kind of thing.

but alas, the owner warned me that their prices for the basic alterations i needed wouldn't be worth it. and it's true. my dress doesn't need all that much work...just a little shortening here, a little hook added there, and that's about it. he told me any alterations shop could do the job.

i was bummed for a sec. because there went my plan to get a veil on the sly. so i accepted that there would be no veil (i'm not buying one separately and i don't want to construct one on my own) and i was all set to call up regular tailoring shops for prices...when i remembered my relative.

you see, i have a relative who is a fabulous seamstress. in fact, she built my prom dress from scratch, back when i was 18. you know, back when i had the body of an 18-year old. *sigh* anyways, i had given her a roll of white satin fabric and sketched what i thought i'd wanted to wear. mind you...i don't draw. nor am i a designer. but she constructed it. and after 1 fitting, it was perfect. srsly. in fact, i should dig up my prom picture to show you.

wouldn't that be fun.

anyways. so this past weekend, i took my wedding dress (the dress that sadly cost $$$$ instead of $$$ or $$ or $) and she pinned and pinned. and i twirled and i walked and i giggled. heh.

anyways. so unexpectedly, i won't be paying for alterations. i mean, i plan to thank her in some way of course. but still. it's not like she's charging me.

and my dress will have the touch of family on it. kind of cool.

p.s. am i a hustler? kind of.

Monday, March 16, 2009

#583: more.

things i did this weekend:
1) visit our venue.
2) check out the local park for our rehearsal picnic.
3) drop off my dress for alterations.
p.s. it fit.
p.p.s. barely.
4) address 50% of our envelopes.
5) eat a lot.

things to do this week:
1) make more flowers.
2) assemble all invitations.

oh. btw. question for you. because i can't figure out what to do.

our rsvp card isn't a return card. it includes a space for the # of guests and our email address for people to rsvp.

but at the very bottom, there are two blank lines, like this:



and i don't know what i'm supposed to write on there. i suppose it's up to me. but i'm stumped. should i say "please let us know if you prefer chicken or fish"? or "please include a song selection in your response!"? or should i mix it up for different guests?

eh? help.

#582: great.

i don't understand.

this blog is supposed to be anonymous.

but fiance told one of his friends about it.

so i'll slowly be purging some of the more personal posts throughout the week.

i hope you understand.

because i don't.

Friday, March 13, 2009

#581: you are not alone.

thanks sara for the healthy reminder this lovely friday morning.

in this here said safe space of the blogosphere, we all get what we're trying to do. we all get that we are not here to criticize, to compete, to jam mainstream weddings stuffs down each other's throats, to BE THE BEST WEDDING THROWER EVER.

but in real life, not everyone feels that way. in fact, most people don't get it. in fact, most people around me still don't get it. but hey. whatevs.

as you begin, as you plan, as you play around on sites like the knot, as you start brainstorming ideas, as you prioritize, as you make decisions...don't let raised eyebrows, shocked silences, catty comments...stop you.

it hasn't stopped me and i see and hear less of all that now. not to say it isn't being done or said. but to say...i've focused on what we consider to be important and for the most part, haven't been sweatin the other stuff...and couldn't be happier about it.

as should you.

you be you. and most importantly, enjoy the ride. pretty please. that's all.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

#580: yes.

via daisy chain.

#579: oh max.

via max wanger.

is it just me. or are his subjects always so cool and beautiful.

i'm nervous.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

#578: printable press.


meet kimi. (hi kimi!)

you might remember her from her amazing dress or her overall badassness.

and if you hadn't guessed by now, her background is graphic design. and these are the invitations she created for her own wedding.

that kind of talent = i don't have it. which makes me think...not everyone does. and the ever practical meg (who, as you know, exudes general badassness as well) was just as bowled over by kimi's STUFF.

because it was obvious to us. that kimi's totally got it.

the heart, the patience, the mind, LE GIFT.

and actually, we're not the only ones who noticed. once kimi's talent was showcased, it became the most popular kid in school. she started getting requests for her designs from friends and then friends of friends...and then friends of friends of friends. because really, who doesn't like to impress for less (and impress she does)? and really (in my opinion), what's the point of a gift if it can't be shared?

thus became the idea behind her ideas. why not make her designs affordable and available to everyone.

the answer: printable press. she provides the design and you print as you like.

*pricing guide
*paper sources

i can go on and on about how special this launch is (because it really is), to try to express all the fuzzies i feel about how she's taking the leap into starting her own business (THANK YOU FROM ALL OF US), and how proud i am that such sensible and fabulous options like printable press are becoming more and more available to all of us.

but i won't.

let me just show you the why.

all designs available at printable press.

i know. i have a feeling i'll be her cheerleader forever.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

#577: i like these.

alrighty. i think this is it. no really.

so. is organza expensive? and where can i find coupons for joann's fabrics?

photo and project by reese dixon via practically married.

for the guys to wear as bouts, of course.

but also for the moms and my best friends. can't wait to adorn them with these.

#576: short and sweet. (and maybe funny.)

that was 6 words.

what story can you tell in 6 words?

via perfect bound.

i'm thinking.

gift this book to our bridal party and best friends?
and then ask them for 6 words?
and then use their responses in our slideshow (if we have one)?

#575: haiku it is.

we'll be printing something like this i think.

this upcoming may
boy and girl say their i do's
prime rib to follow

(unless you want chicken or veggies.
in which case, please let us know in your response.)

so. what do you think?

i double dog dare you to come up with another one for us to use.

Monday, March 9, 2009

#574: toying around with the flap.


at first, i thought to print a quote. maybe the pooh one. or maybe just a simple "love is cool".

and then, i thought to create a website and print our webpage address. (btw, thanks for all of your suggestions. this idea is still live and i'm going to mess around with the sites you mentioned. a lot of talented webpage builders out there. very. cool.)

but out of fear of totally failing (and i'm sure it also has something to do with being met with reluctance from the fiance after dropping hints of could he build said website), i'm thinking of other things i could possibly print on the outer flap of our invitation. just in cases.

fiance and i are BIG into haikus. and we always try to outdo each other. as in, i'm funnier, no I'M FUNNIER. anyways.

*the food options
"prime rib, prime rib, or prime rib?" just kidding. there's chicken too. so maybe something like: "prime rib or chicken or vegetarian?". hm...that's kind of boring. ok, so i'd step it up a notch with the wit (i'm dry right now) but offer the food options since they're nowhere else on the invitations. what was i thinking? nothing, apparently.

what say you. which should go on the flappity flap. and just one thing? or a combo? or none?

#573: option #293810438.

via ritzy bee.

#572: umbrellas.

want to bring the outside indoors? got some outdoor furniture (namely, those umbrellas) laying around? well you can. and it could work.

case in point:

via the bride's cafe.

Friday, March 6, 2009

#571: oh maya.

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."
– Maya Angelou

Thursday, March 5, 2009

#570: website.

so instead of a quote, maybe i'll create a wedding website and print the address on the flap.

the website must be:
1) user-friendly aka dummy proof aka i'm not tech savvy aka maybe i won't create a wedding website
3) visitor-friendly

i checked out wedding channel and the free templates are eh but it looks easy enough to use.

any others you like? (and please share why.)

#569: got any misprints?

because then you could make some of these.

a flower pin by linda & harriett via the SCOOP.

#568: the "crazybooth".

and one of my FAVES:

all images via the image is found.

i so love this take on the photobooth craze.