Thursday, June 14, 2007

#46: i need a place.

these venues are off my search criteria include:
1) holds at least 100 people
2) costs no more than $$ out of $$$$. $ would be ideal...but i haven't come across any $. which brings me to ask...why do they even have the $ as an option...

El Dorado Park Golf Course
this is kind of what i want...but less cheesy looking. the 'outdoor tented' area is already part of the establishment. but i bet these types of reception sites have mandatory catering lists. and i bet the lists don't include in'n'out trucks.

Chantrelles Catering at the Padua Hills Theatre
pretty, huh?

House Of Blues, Sunset Strip
hey, that's kinda funky! never would've thought. hmmmmmm...great acoustics...dark lighting (perfect for my imperfect face). man, this is making me rethink the whole outdoorsy thing.

Descanso Gardens
but then i see something like this and...holy moly. beautiful.

Los Angeles Yacht Club
they had me at 'cordon bleu trained staff'...

Cannons Seafood Grill
how gorgeous.

Coyote Hills Golf Course

Cocopalm Restaurant
the only $ out of $$$$ restaurant i found. and according to their website, it's still $52+/person. not including tax and service fees. wtf?

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Rosie & Andy said...

I'm assuming these were listed in the Knot's vendor section. I'm know when I looked for Atlanta, the vendor section had slim pickings. You should go to your local message board on the knot and view the bios of people who got married in that area. That way you can get an idea of the different venues.