Friday, July 6, 2007

#86: isaac mizrahi dresses.

if you need some inspiration for bridesmaids dresses, turn no further than the clearance rack at tarjay. i'm not a huge fan of his new and highly bloggerized 'bridal line'...but these non-bridal dresses are fantastic. i especially love the black lace dress. imagine your bridesmaids wearing it with a hot pink thin sash at the waist...and hair piled up and minimal jewelry. hot. non-traditional. modern. vintage. all at the same time. who's with me.

30% off at 27.99

50% off at 22.49

50% off at 24.99


MAYA & MOM said...

Thanks for stopping by our blog.I hope you come by again. I think you can certainly get some good deals at Tarjay. I have picked up quite a few nice things also.

Rosie & Andy said...

Hehe. You just blogged about our bridesmaid dresses! My bridesmaids are wearing the first one but in royal blue. They don't sell it on the Target site anymore. I actually had to buy one on ebay because one of my bridesmaids drastically changed sizes!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it nice for the bridesmaids to wear what they like - that's their personality and that is why they are near and dear to you. having bridesmaids wear the same dresses ls like a military ruler telling them what they should wear. most bridesmaids are very uncomfortable with what they are forced to wear. Take it easy. make your ceremony fun and not band like marching to the orders to should look back at it and reminencse it with humour, not heartbreaking because you had to break your bank or tear your pockets

Lady T said...

i like a few of them too....alas i have at least 2 bridesmaids who exceed the size he goes up to.

why do designers cut off their sizes? i dont always think its bc they dont think a bigger woman would look good in the dress. what woman could possibly go wrong in a classis A-line?