Tuesday, July 24, 2007

#120: nothing yet.

searched here first.
i'm posting these pictures even though the venues are WAY out of my budget because they're pretty and i love twinkle lights.

city club on bunker hill
i didn't bother calling them because i think you have to be a member. and i'm not a member.

marvimon, also found on the knot
i actually called them. it's $5500 on saturday plus a $30/hr doorman fee plus a $30/hr site management fee plus $10/car for valet. they don't provide all the tables and chairs so you'd have to rent s'more on your own. why did i even call? why did i let myself hope? so i could torture myself i guess. goodness.

everything else on the list i was drawn to happened to be hotels. and hotels are $$$. i refuse to have my wedding at a hotel. unless i win a prize "wedding reception for free" or somehow get a ridiculous discount.

hey...but here's a thought. how about bed and breakfasts?...project!


da said...

psst. i don't think you have to be a member for city club. i'm not 100% sure on that, though.

i wanted marvimon so badly. too bad on the cost, the crappy parking situation, and the fact that it was a little too small for my guest list :(.

Bride of Rochester said...

Bed and breakfasts have a ton of potential!! some of them even have their own tents!

megan said...

hey! just leaving you a comment to say how much I like your blog. I've started my own to document the ridiculousness that is wedding planning. I even used a quote from you about the Marvimon, if that's okay!
Keep up the good blogging. I'm loving it.

Sigrid said...

Wow the Marvimon house looks awesome. I think your quote was really helpful. I am trying to do a $10,000 dollar wedding as well. I think i can do it! So i just wanted to say that, that is a wonderful beautiful place to have a small intimate wedding. I called and left a message to get a current quote. Thank's for the info.