Wednesday, July 18, 2007

#105: keeping it real.

yes. i hate bugs. but nature can also be good.

i was scrolling through the blog, looking for spelling errors (o.c.d. = y.e.s.) and was inspired by comments on a previous post:

"...a centerpiece of tiny little succulents planted in small terracotta pots..." - e
"...low planters full of fragrant herbs..." - michelle

i love those ideas because even if guests choose not to take these centerpieces home with them, as michelle suggests, you can replant the beauties on hanging pots on your balcony or by the window in your kitchen after the wedding...and watch them bloom and grow along with your marriage. *SWOON!*

or, if you're one of the lucky ones who have a backyard garden to call your own, apparently grass is cheap, easy to plant, and looks good to boot.



Rosie & Andy said...

Did you see you were featured on yesterday?!?

Rachel said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog. I think you can do the $10,000 challenge for sure, and you can also do it with your wonderful taste and flare.