Thursday, July 26, 2007

#126: goccorize in the USA.

dangit. i JUST ordered mine all the way in australia! wha~! if i had only known welsh products distributed in the states! doh.

"Yes, PG5's and PG11's are available. I can figure out your shipping charges and taxes once I get your mailing address. California taxes are per city, so until I know what that is I can't proceed. Also, since our customers pay for shipping, we determine the least expensive way. Shipping could be UPS Ground, FedX, First Class mail, Priority Mail, etc.

Additionally, if you want to place an order, I will need the following information:
1. Name.
2. Address.
3. Order: Are you just ordering a PG5 or PG11, or did you want additional items?
4. Phone Number: I will need your phone number.
5. Payment: Our preferred methods are Visa, Master card, or Paypal."

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