Tuesday, October 30, 2007

#208: mason calls out to me.

over and over again, i keep coming across these mismatched tinted jars with mismatched flowers. and i love it.

from daisy chain.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

#207: crystal.

from etsy seller sea glass vintage.

$14 for 6 of these puppies. someone please get them and invite me over for sherbet. is it sherbet or sherbert?

Sunday, October 21, 2007

#206: for the short lengthed dress.

blogger is having uploading problems. so check out these tea-length dresses at posh girl vintage.

i'm thinking any of these would be great for the afterparty...or even just a casual wedding. why are all the 'affordable' dresses more apt for casual weddings. hm.

Friday, October 12, 2007

#205: a registry question.

from more ways to waste time.

i love her site because she posts etsy and ebay-finds-of-the-day to kindly share all of her lovely discoveries. i swear it's like having your own personal shopper (when i can afford the things she finds, that is). and my goodness, that ice bucket + 5 glasses will only set you back $36 (+shipping)! eek! i want it and i want it bad.

and it got me thinking. i read on someone's blog long ago yonder about setting up a registry on etsy. how would you feel as a gift-giver if the couple was registered on etsy. would it be a hassle because you'd have to set up an account? would it be a hassle if you're uncomfortable buying online? i wonder.

i asked the bf if he'd be creeped out about getting 2nd-hand ware for our 'new home together' (ahem once we get engaged/married, that is) and he said no. score.

there are many benefits to registering on etsy, if the option even exists. first and foremost, you're directly supporting someone's business or hobby. i really dig that. second, you get to choose items that are unique, original and more "you" aka not cookie cutter crate-and-barrel.

granted, a lot of items i think i'd want...like a cuisineart something something...or items that i should get new...like silverware...will have to be from a crate-and-barrel or the like. which is fantastic. but placemats? accessories? glasses? plates? i think having my own set, a set no one else has, a set someone has scoured a fair for, a set someone took the time to craft with their own hands...would really be something special.

what do you think?

Thursday, October 11, 2007

#204: teal.

at smith and hawken for $9 buckeroos. i picture pale pink flowers. or white flowers. or just plain ol' greenery. maybe scallions? ha.

#203: just because.

again, from matthew mead. i'm sooo making this. anything with the word chocolate and the word silk...is equal to...heaven.

#202: scallions or leeks?

from matthew mead.

do you think it would be too stanky? but the varying heights is nice. i'd say the scallion centerpiece does the trick if you're looking for greenery leafy centerpieces. just...spray some body splash around it. ha.

#201: kermit is green.

jennifer tagged me to list my green ways.

first, thank you for caring enough to even tag me. i love this blog world. second, i'm embarrassed because i don't think i'm green enough. but you know what, to inspire is to perspire...or something like that. so these here are my baby steps to help the enviros.

1) i recycle bottles, cans, paper. well, i should mention that a big part of why i do it is because i'm co-habited with the bf and he is STRICT about this recycling business. but i also do it at the office. on my own. aaand, i reuse pretty bottles as vases. so...can i count this as one?

2) i never throw clothes or shoes away. it's all about goodwill.

3) i take public transpo 80% of the time. though...do buses emit more...emissions?

and now to the fun part...of tagging others so i can be further inspired.

manolo for the brides!
daisy chain
diy bride
the preppy wedding

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

#200: color blocks.

vintageous has some amazing wedding dress options. this dress is $195 and perfect for a 60's inspired wedding. and it could be your 'something old'. too bad it's already been sold, right?!

but hopefully it could serve as inspiration for black and white brides out there. those thin halter straps? to die for. and imagine the bms in very classy, simple, black velvet dresses.

i had found these beauts on the site before so i have to remember to keep checking back for new, or new to the site at least, dresses.

as an aside, i don't know why (um, could it be the cold weather as of late?) but i'm feeling very 'fall' and 'wintery'. i keep picturing a long-sleeved wedding dress, snow, velvet (that's why the mention above), deep dark green or blue or purple. and of course...yellow or rose gold...everywhere.


Tuesday, October 9, 2007

#199: i carry your heart.

i carry your heart in my heart. ee cummings, you're killing me!!! (courtesy of 'in her shoes', which is playing on HBO right now. can you say tearjerker?)

so for some reason, i felt compelled to dig around the net for pretty jewelry.

from twist.

"bf, isn't that a pretty fly ring?"

"it looks like the holes worms leave after digging around."

"um, ok."

#198: i'm a man (er, i mean...) meateater.


Lawry’s Original Spinning Bowl Salad
Rolls and Butter
Roasted Prime Ribs of Beef (6 ounce cut)
Freshly Ground Coffee, Hot Tea, Iced Tea
Haagen Dazs Vanilla Ice Cream with Fresh Berries
*If you provide the wedding cake, we provide vanilla ice cream with berries. There is no cake cutting or serving fee.
$37 per person plus tax and 19% gratuity (add $6 for 10 ounce Lawry’s Cut)
Carvers: $50.00 each, 30 guests per carver

did i already cover Lawry's? well, it's just such a great deal. for some equally great food. granted, it'd have to be a daytime affair. but i was thinking...daytime makes sense. not everyone is going to want to deal with dancing and all the other things 'young'ish people think weddings are really for. so...a lunch banquet at lawry's with an afterparty to follow later in the evening after a little break...to accommodate the party people in your life (uh, ok, in my case, the bride too) wouldn't be ultra lame, right?...or would it?

your thoughts please!

edit: oh, i did talk about lawry's before!

#197: sale nation.

miss cherry blossom featured this dress on weddingbee. $46.50 for a gorgeous purple and gold for the maids. absolutely.

#196: hot hot hot.

from perfect bound.

from ms weddings.

at this site, mason jars are a hot $0.32/jar. mix and match with candles and flowers for a country feel.

#195: there's just something about donuts.

recipe here.

oh happy day featured this recipe of homemade donuts. gosh. they look so good, don't they? i'd make them for the day of...so the bridal party could nosh and be giggly from the sugar high.

#194: oh cee dee.

i noticed that my post numbers were at #193 but there were only really 192 posts. i discovered that i skipped 175. thusly...i went all the way back yonder and edited each post title. oh cee dee? quite.

#193: so fresh.

i went to the farmer's market this weekend and got coffee. what was out of the ordinary is that they had this set up of drip coffee for each individual cup. it was way cool. and it got me thinking. i love coffee. and so does the bf. we LOVE coffee.

i'm sure your local farmer's market features such a coffee vendor. what i would do (or what i should have done) is ask if they'd be willing to work a wedding for an hour or so. no big machines, no fancy gizmos...just their drip set up, their yummy coffee, and different milks and flavors. i'd be willing to pay for that kind of service as it would be my pleasure to get everyone caffeinated.

plus, 1 hour of no-machine no-nonsense coffee-making along with free advertising for a local vendor would be a rather economical (and fun!) option compared to a full-on coffee stand with tons of whirring and gadgety things...no?

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

#192: recycle.

from frolic.

the bf wants to get a compost thing. composte? i don't even know how it's spelled, that's how much i care about the environment. but isn't the above business card cute? it's printed on a cereal box! and bf and i go through quite a few cereal boxes. save the dates with a magnet strip would work. or...i would even go so far as to suggest invites on them. direction cards...ceremony programs...

the colors would be whimsical too.

my favorite is smart start.


#191: pink!

i love blush. blush makes everything better and prettier.

pink for breast cancer awareness month.