Tuesday, July 3, 2007

#82: bulk.

from http://kenziekate.blogspot.com/

i'm sure buying in bulk has never been so easy. i think flowers are an evil necessity. evil because they DIE immediately. but necessary because they're so dang pretty.



e said...


i love their premium greens box. i wanted to order their greenish parrot tulips but ended up giving all my money to a local florist instead. sheer laziness, i suppose! my flowers were fabulous, but expensive. flowerbud has great bouquet ideas and a wedding newsletter with tips.

esmid001 said...

Link Pampered Passions to your wedding site. They don’t have any stuff for guys but who cares? He will be too busy looking at me in my lace bustier to notice  Anyways, they have a contest to win a Bahamas trip. We’re going for our honeymoon, but I wouldn’t mind goin back.