Thursday, June 14, 2007

#47: can't stop looking...

The Oviatt Building Penthouse
found this from this site:

friday space rentals = $3000. for 12 hours.
check it out...i think i'm in love.
Oviatt Penthouse Amenities and Services:
Maximum Occupancy (excluding vendors) 125
View 360-degree Cityscape
Kitchen Facilities Fully Equipped
Furniture Set-up Provided
Dance Floor Provided
Heating Lamps Provided
Dressing Area Provided
Music 50-disc CD changer provided; live music and DJs permitted
Parking Adjacent fee lots; valet available
Security Provided
Clean-up Provided
Wheelchair Access
Penthouse interior and restrooms
Standard Rental Period 12 Hours
Closing Time 2:00 a.m.
Tent for Terrace Available

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Anonymous said...

I was just searching for reception ideas (and pics of the Oviatt, which I wish I could afford) and came across your site. Your ideas are a-mazing. I would hire you as my wedding coordinator in a heartbeat!