Thursday, July 5, 2007

#83: will i ever outgrow ikea?

here's what i want my bedroom to look like.


gorgeous, no? i have a poster bed too (though plain and not nearly as beautiful as the vintage inspired piece above) with a similar layout. and though i would seriously give my left arm for a wallpaper job as such, my place is not MY place if you know what i mean. i don't plan to dwell in my current abode for too long so i refuse to invest any more sweat and tears than i absolutely have to. thus, my hunts at ikea.

as of right now, i have a 6-drawer tall MALM dresser to the right of the bed and a 6-drawer horizontal MALM dresser in front of the bed. i would love to get rid of the horizontal dresser...but no can do because i need a lot more storage space as is. (hm, time for a garage sale...?)

in any case, as i was searching for lamps and side tables and little dressers to replicate the look as much as i possibly can, i found these!

magnetic frames. $2.99 for 6 various sizes.
decorate object of a couple. $19.99 for anyone who wants a sleek (albeit a little too mod for me) cake topper.


MAYA & MOM said...

Just stopped in to say hello and I think you have a neat blog.

Kelly said...

i have that statue! sorry, random :)