Friday, July 27, 2007

#129: smile!

bird and banner as featured yesterday on oh happy day

not unlike the sticker idea!

i'd take 1 actual photobooth picture (they're pricey!) and send it in to get professional sticker copies made. then i'd stick them onto cardstock and voila. i think the idea would work for save the dates or invites because it ultimately sets the tone of 'whimsical, fun and casual' for the wedding.

by the way, do you send out save the dates to everyone...or just out of towners? i'm still teetering on whether or not i'd want to send them out at all.


Teana said...

i thnk you can send to them everyone. it still would be nice for your in town case some of them are super busy.

Rosie & Andy said...

I sent them to everyone because I had 200 STDs printed. But, a lot of brides just send them to out of towners.

Also, it's a lot cheaper to stage the photo booth. That way you'll be able to have outtakes without paying for them. Just make the signs, hang a sheet, set up a tripod (or ask a friend), and take the pictures. Take a BUNCH of them! Then, go to photoshop and make them into a photo strip.

Also, you can make your own stickers using a Xyron 900. Which can be purchased with a 50% coupon at any craft store (~$50). That way, it'd probably be a LOT cheaper than getting them professionally done.

Anonymous said...

I have seen this done but where you actually make the film strip magnetic so people can stick it to their fridge.

I just ran across your blog today and love the idea.

Here is a wedding photographer's blog that I read a lot to get great ideas from:

melanie mauer

Abi said...

Rosie and Andy are right. Don't do this at an actual photo booth. Go the Photoshop route. Also, you don't have to get stickers made. You could print two to a page on nice paper, then trim them to fit reg. envelopes.

Abi said...

Oh yeah, and send them to everyone.