Thursday, July 19, 2007

#109: not just for cakes.

check out the 'toast and tables' post for more pictures. but i'm pretty much in love with the hurricane + oil lamps centerpiece. i've always had a soft spot for cakestands but the practical side of me never let me buy one. i mean, how often do i bake cake, right? but alas, i may just have to dig into my wallet. there is just so much you could do with them.
*a cheese and fruit spread on a white cakestand to double as a centerpiece and starter (i love me some cheese)
*a basket of warm bread or biscuits
*stack favor boxes
*place a potted plant in the center (could also be used as the table number)
basically, adding the little bit of height to whatever you plan to do for the centerpiece, will dramatically up the ante. and...because cakestands are understandably gaining momentum right now, that means they will soon be available to the masses at even lower prices. dollar store, target, walmart, etc. and there is always, of course, ebay.


Rachel said...

Je t'aime!

Bride of Rochester said...

1. i love cheese so much that sometimes i wish it was the only food group.
2. i have discovered that the cake stands I have found at target, marshalls, t.j. maxx and tuesday morning are super duper cheap and still damn awesome. often they are less expensive than the ones i see on ebay!
3. thanks for visiting & reading me!

tea said...

i am digging this idea! i may have to investigate. add that to the make your own cake stand project on wb [i think] this could get really interesting quickly. thanks!

Teana said...

so because i feel this weird connection with you, i just wanted to let you know the insane amount of research this has spawned. haha...spreadsheets are my best friends. serious.