Thursday, February 28, 2008

#262: all i'm saying.

is that if i get engaged by april 14th (which i'm assuming is the deadline for entries) and decide to have a 2009 wedding, i'm for sure going to be submitting my story to the contest over at laura ryan photography.

check out her gallery and tell me to my face you aren't dying to fly her out and get your little fingers all over a disc (which is FREE if you WIN!!!) filled with images of your special day as captured through her lenseses.

side note: the bf has been dropping some major hints about the big P. hmmmmmm...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

#261: amber is the color of your energy.

i've been away for what feels like forever. one of the good things about being away is coming back to an inbox filled with lovely ideas. i have a few goodies to share with you all...but first, i don't want to neglect my tagged status. amber, this one's for you!

p.s. amber's blog, daisy chain, is a major source of inspiration for me. she's the one who found and shared the now infamous 'coffee filter' anthro display.

list 7 weird things about yourself:

1) i like to write haikus when i send text messages.
2) i prefer texting to calling.
3) i start craving red meat when i don't eat it for a while.
4) i read and re-read emails before, during and even after i send them.
5) i don't have a favorite color.
6) i always wish i could win the lotto. but i've never actually purchased a lotto ticket.
7) i buy US weekly every week. and read perezhilton every day.

happy almost end of february, everyone!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

#260: all of it at once.

from the brides cafe.

the vase, the pitcher, the tin cans, the block letter, the candle...they all come together perfectly, no? on paper, it seems like too much is going on...but surprisingly, all of the parts are beautifully incorporated.

lightbulb moment: in place of the letter 'k' in the picture, how about a shabby-chic'd out or spray-painted wooden carving of some kind? nothing too obtrusive, of course. something juuuust right.

a starting point for inspiration could be the unfinished wood products offered at michael's and joann.

hm...will have to do some more research.

#259: muffin top.

two loverly ways to include the itty bitty muffins in your wedding.

from glamour this!.

from knottie green gelato.