Tuesday, June 26, 2007

#74: write on me.

i love this idea! here's the two-fer solution: placecard + favor.

Personalize Guests’ Mugs
Help guests avoid drinking from the wrong cup, and give them something to remember your party by. ZIG permanent markers are designed for use on ceramics and come in a range of colors (the ink should not come in contact with food, though, so restrict your handiwork to the outsides of the cups). ZIG Painty Markers, $3 each,
www.michaels.com for store locations.

my take would be to buy a bunch of these and test out even just permanent markers before buying the specialty markers:

trofe mug from ikea= $0.50/each. love me tender.

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Rosie & Andy said...

This is a really cute idea! You could take it a step further and fill the mugs with candy or chocolates. Or, you could plant a flower, or put a silk flower in them. Or, you could include custom coffee, hot cocoa and/or tea.