Tuesday, June 12, 2007

#39: bartender, another.


what a great idea. not the byo-alcohol part...but the 'hire a bartender off craigslist' part. i am excited! because first of all, i heart craigslist something crazy. second, that might mean i could hire grillmasters to man my grill. which means i wouldn't have to employ family members!

the wheels are turning.

EDIT: so really, how much would it cost for a self-trip to bevmo?

Sterling Cabernet Vintners Collect '04
$10.99 / 750 ML bottle @ 36 bottles = $395.64

"Anchor Steam" Summer Ale
$6.99 / 6-PK BTL @ 7 packs = $48.93

Beck's Beer
$14.99 / 12-PK BTL @ 4 packs = $59.96

Samuel Adams Light
$9.99 / 12-PK BTL @ 3 packs = $29.97

Beringer Chardonnay Founders' '05
$6.99 / 750 ML bottle @ 24 bottles = $167.76

Ballatore Gran Spumante
$6.99 / 750 ML bottle @ 12 bottles = $83.88

Grey Goose Vodka
$51.99 / 1.75 LTR @ 3 = $155.97

Bombay Sapphire Gin
$29.99 / 1.75 LTR @ 2 = $59.98

Bacardi Gold Rum
$17.99 / 1.75 LTR @ 1 = $17.99

Glenfiddich Scotch
$47.99 / 1 LTR @ 2 = $95.98

Subtotal (excluding Tax):

ClubBev! Savings: $190.00

this doesn't include the soft drinks, the juices, the tea and coffee...OY.


M11 said...

Can I just tell you that I just found your blog (via another blog via a different blog and so on - I'm hooked on blog links) and your site is SO perfect for me. I'm not engaged (yet) either, and the pre-planning process has just been so much fun! I totally am enjoying bookmarking ideas, coming up with DIY designs, looking at venues and colors, and all that good stuff. Maybe it's fun cause I haven't spent any money yet and don't have any real deadlines for getting things done. But the king kicker is that my budget is also 10K! So with all my looking and dreaming and thinking, your site is just perfect for me. And I love weddingbee too. This is just a match made in heaven. Thank you, I'll be back daily! (And by that I mean twice daily.) Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about Bevmo's buy one get another bottle of wine for 5cents events. Those are the best! And the best about Costco and Bevmo for buying booze for a wedding is that you can return unused unopened bottles.

Anonymous said...

Trader Joes has award winning wine (both red and white) for 2.99 a bottle. In California, I heard it was 1.99.