Thursday, June 7, 2007

#30: in or out?

i don't take good outdoor pics and i don't really like the sun shining in my face during events. but i love the look of a million twinkle lights against an sunset or evening sky. and i love candlelight. but i hate bugs. but i feel like indoorsy is too stuffy.

wow. this or that, tit or tat. call me picky. if you don't, i will!

here's a solution for anyone who's feeling as pulled about the whole indoor/outdoor situation as i am...go half and half! an indoor buffet setup/dance floor/cake area leading to an outdoor tented reception/table area would provide a little bit of both in AND out, yes? and with a semi-outdoor experience, that whole in-n-out truck thing is still somewhat within reach. oh, so how beautiful is this?
but guess what. beautiful things don't come cheap. i just called this company and they told me it would cost $1500 for a sturdy 40x50 'jumbo track' canopy. gaw! that's excluding all the tables/chairs/linens/etc i would need to rent and all the permits required and the actual reception site fees. so that will not work. which means...i will have to search for a 'place' that offers an indoor area leading out to a tented outdoor area. which means i need to search hi and lo. which means i should start now.

lesson learned: paying for things in piecemeal is not at all budget-friendly.

on a separate note, i just looked up a gorgeous church and for fri through sunday weddings, they require a $2300 contribution. for 2 hours. absurd.

all the wedding ball and chain action is really something! i'm glad i started early...

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e said...

hi. i lost count of the budget once we hit $10,000, but i think we ended up spending $14,000, which included two wedding dresses (i hate the bridal gown industry). digital photography was basically free except for the photographer-friend's room and board, but now i wish we had gone with something, um, better. at least i have the memories, right?
the dresses really did me in ($3500 total), the restaurant was pricey but worth it, we hired a subway performer for dancing (haitian guitar), zero favors, only wine (no hard liquor), and the church was given $400 for its pains.
so, $2300 for a church makes me so so angry!!
have you looked at lots of beautiful vintage dresses, some of them are less than $500.
best of luck!