Wednesday, June 6, 2007

#26: cue the music.

i hate songs that cut my dancing queen routine short. you know what i'm talking about...songs that really break up the momentum. actually, songs like 'dancing queen'. and i often wonder why dj's squeeze those songs in. especially at weddings. why. why do they do it? is it cuz they want to clear the floor and draw attention to their scratch skills? i don't get it. so you can imagine my discomfort at the thought of PAYING someone to play songs that will inevitably stray from the 'my faves' and 'do not play' lists. so then ipod challenge. here's a great tip from 'never teh bride'.

One reason I think a lot of couples don’t explore the laptop/mp3 player option is that they don’t want to have to designate someone to stop and start the music, find the various dance songs, and make sure the aforementioned tunes don’t play before it’s time. The Beard and I overcame these issues by making mini playlists on iTunes. Our playlists (here YMMV) looked a little something like this:
1. Pre first dance

2. First dance
3. Father-daughter
4. Mother-son5. Lunchtime
6. Pre cake cut slow songs
7. Upbeat post cake songs
Sections one, five, six, and seven were quite long because we wanted to make sure the music only stopped when someone stopped it. All told, we had more wedding-appropriate music at our disposal than we would ever actually use. When necessary, the best man would fade out whatever was playing using some sort of audio thingamajig The Beard brought along so that a toast could be made or a dance could be announced over the mic. When cued, this same individual announced the scheduled dances, queued up the appropriate one-song playlist, and hit play.

fantastic idea! hey, this dream could definitely become a reality.

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