Monday, June 25, 2007

#66: to ease the cold of winter.

$9.95 s'mores kit from

i came across one of the now popular "prepackaged s'mores kits" at a store this weekend. i think it would be so fun to incorporate a s'mores station as the centerpiece for a winter wedding. how unique would that be.

so at first, i pictured a pretty bucket filled with all the goodies plus a makeshift fireplace on each table for the waiters to come by and light up when it comes time for dessert!

and then i found myself asking myself all these questions:

*what type of fire would be small and safe enough for a tabletop and still roast the marshmallow?
*would guests really appreciate having to 'work' for their dessert?
*is it too messy?
*what's my budget for this set up?

the last question was the easiest to answer. $10/table is what i want to spend on centerpieces. however, if i pack up the 3 ingredients as individual favors...i would be adding my favors portion of the budget which would raise my final centerpiece allocation to $20/table.
$26 for 36 hershey bars
$25 for 36 hershey bars
$20 for 36 hershey bars

$67 for 120 chocolates? not too shabby. plus, i briefly searched for smaller versions of the standard 1.55 oz bars but couldn't find any. i'm guessing if i find some in the size i want, they'd be even more budget friendly. and i'm not stuck to just hershey bars. choxie at target, anyone?

graham crackers + marshmallows = not too expensive, i'm sure.

the real question here is that fire. how would i make that happen. i considered the idea of setting up a separate fire spot so that people could come and roast as they please. but that's way too much work. and the table fire?...the more i think about it, the more i can imagine some crazy fires happening. but hey! perhaps if you're having a winter wedding, the venue will include a fireplace. and if so, you could set up several marshmallow sticks from and people could roast and enjoy as they wish. bingo!


Rosie & Andy said...

Here is an idea if you want to pursue the centerpiece idea: (just google them)

CasaModa S'Mores Maker - Can get on ebay for cheap, or from Bed, Bath & Beyond using coupons. Also, rumor has it a that BB&B will take more than one coupon per purchase. So you could start saving up coupons now and use them all at once.

Salton Smores Maker - Definitely more pricey, and I'm not sure if they can be bought cheaper.

lazydaisy said...

there's a coffee shop chain called xando (or XandO) that serves at-your-table s'mores for two...awesome! i think it's over a little tiki flame or something. anyway, i think xando was bought out by the cosi chain, and i believe cosi kept the s'mores on the menu...if there's one near you, you might check 'em out and see how they handle it...

Anonymous said...

Just happened upon this particular blog. Those marshmallow toasting sticks at can be personalized with a person's name or the Wedding event and date if you want. And they come in a table size length - 16 inches as well as 30 and 47 inches. They are made from hardwood so you can safely eat right off the stick and have a nice door prize for someone at the table...or buy one for everyone at the table.