Monday, June 4, 2007

#15: eat it real good.

when it comes to favors, i'm a huge fan of edibles. my friend gave pepero boxes. another gave candied apples. absolute hits! i don't think favors should be very time consuming or costly because...50% of the people don't remember to take it with them. at least, i don't. for instance, i went to a wedding where the favors were tiny little vases (seriously big enough to hold ONE dandelion stem) that were individually painted by a bridesmaid with the couples' initials. granted, cute idea. but by the end of the night, no one gave a fuh. basically, i'm convinced that the tums is where the heart grows fonder. so here's an idea via mrs. plumeria from weddingbee that i think i may bite. get it? granted, she used it as a takeaway from the ceremony for the ride to the reception...but i may not be as nice and want to save it for use as a very economical favor.

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