Wednesday, June 13, 2007

#42: the great world wide web.

ok people. i was searching hi and lo for reasonable pricing on fake i mean FAUX flowers and was getting rather discouraged. truth be told, it was starting to look like buying and DIY'ing fake flowers was going to cost as much as buying real flowers. add the whole DIY part and the effort you'd have to exert to make the fake look real, it really worth it?

but whilst searching for more and more and MOoooooRE faux flower sites (and i will not give up!), i came across this site. and i am so happy it's crazy. there's a 'popular topic' bar to the left and one of them is 'weddings for less'!!! there are great ideas to be uncovered here since real people ask real questions and real people give real answers. it's fab!

for example, i ended up on this thread:
and then, per one of the commenters, i ended up on this site:

which then led me to this:

in conclusion, i know now that i could easily buy 24 of these for $0.90 each. dirt cheap? quite!

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Anonymous said...

When my dad and my stepmom got married, she hit flea markets all over the place and picked up hundreds of faux flowers for practically nothing. It was really amazing to watch her on the hunt. I've learned all I know about bargain hunting from her.