Monday, June 11, 2007

#33: cheap but tasteful.

if i grow enough cajones to move forward with my indoor/outdoor tented idea, along with the in-n-out or buffet/carving stations ideas...i would maybe use these. beautiful paper plates. disposable and lovely. doncha think?

at $4/8 plates (and actually, $5/8 on the b/w set), it's a bit pricey for just paper. but using disposables means no hassle of bussing tables (just have huge trash bins everywhere)...AND AND AND...with plates as awesomely designed as the above, the centerpiece need not be so extravagant. almost a two-fer!

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e said...

love the paper plates. another favorite of mine (a bit more understated) are Bambu plates.
a similar website that you may or may not know about is:
i love the Caspari coral print paper napkins.