Monday, June 11, 2007

#31: thanks 'e'!!!

right now, the trend is lace and though i'd like to defy the norm, how can you not love lace. i looove lace. but please give me a point for originality for not loving the whole sleeveless look. aka...i love the classic conservative look of long-sleeved wedding dresses. or some type of arm coverup. though i am neither classic nor conservative. ha! well, thanks to commenter 'e' on the previous post, i scoped out a few goodies on this new gem of a site. i would end up designing some alterations on the above dresses...but i am totally feeling the vintage threads on the $550 dress with the big splash on the front??? LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and then, of course, if i had a higher dress budget, the above would be my dream dress. the high neck, the long sleeves, the lace. so perfect. so exactly what i want. i would tailor to make it fit like a glove and perhaps add a thick ivory satin sash to break it up a bit. i'd also accessorize with pearl studs and a very simple non-white bouquet. gorgeous...

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e said...

i nearly cried when i found that battenburg lace dress. i had always wanted an autumn wedding but settled for one in june.

good luck with the dress shopping! even on a budget you should never settle for second best.