Wednesday, June 6, 2007

#29: light it up.

for a semi tented wedding, i'd want great deco pieces. but i wouldn't necessarily want to end up OWNing 30 lanterns.
that lantern? costs 2.06 to own...but 0.81 to rent. renting 30 of those would save you $37.50. doesn't sound like much...but what if you wanted 100 of them all over the place, creating a bubble sky in your tent? oh yes...renting is not farfetched.

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Anonymous said...

I was thrilled to find this company. Then, 3 days before my wedding after numerous unreturned phone calls and emails to them, I realized I was never going to get my lanterns or led lights. Do not rent from them! I just found someone with the same story at the Wedding Bee blog- it's not clear whether they went out of business and didn't bother to update their website or what, but it's NOT okay.