Friday, June 1, 2007

#13: are fakies ok?

i think it'd be totally gangstar if i did my own centerpieces. ahead of time. and had the creative ability to get the exact look i wanted. don't you think? plus, i could probably buy tons of good fakies on sale or in bulk, whenever the time is right instead of having to wait for a season or bloom!

is it lame to use fake flowers for deco? hm...but you've got to admit...the topiary looks damn pleasing! and the paper poppy pomanders...would anyone really care if they were fake? (actually, my grandma, the gardener extraordinaire probably would...but i think she'd be the only one...)

splended topiary.


What you’ll need:10" or 12" green styrofoam cone (only green will accept the hot glue)pedestal to hold the conehot glue gunfaux hydrangea blossoms—2 large heads

You will be delighted with the effect this topiary will have on your spring d├ęcor. Create a series of three in different heights for a sophisticated Easter centerpiece.
To create, first pull the individual flowers off the hydrangea bloom. Using a small amount of hot glue, place a dot on the back of the flower in the center, and press onto the cone. The flowers should be placed close together to create a lush bloom and prevent you from seeing the green of the cone. When you have completely covered the cone, place it on top of any urn, mini compote, or small pedestal. Then, find a spot that needs a little springtime bliss, and, “voila,” you have bit of sunshine to brighten up the rest of your winter days.

the pomanderie goodness.

beauty, ain't it?

too bad i don't have instrux for this projecto. but i know where to go if i decide to do something like this!

which i think i just might.

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