Monday, June 4, 2007

#17: handmaid.

tell me you love my corny jokes.

i started a sewing class recently. actually, it's less of a sewing class and more of a place to bring projects and get schooled guerilla-style. my first project was an apron. it was fairly easy. next project is going to be a dress, to give as a gift. and i chose a pattern that is dummy-proof. or, at least i hope so! i decided to use a fantastic fuschia soft linen fabric with a slight burlap-esque look to it (without the scratchiness). and i also purchased a straight soft linen royal blue fabric, for a second dress. the pattern book + fabric for 2 dresses = total cost of $70. the time spent creating these gifts = priceless!

and then it dawned on me. i'm going for a FUN, relaxed affair on my wedding day. hows about i make my girls' dresses? it'd be possible if i use a simple, easy-to-sew design for a classic looking dress; plus, i could hardware it as i like. it may come out pricey depending on the fabric i choose but i think at the end of the day, it'll cost as much as a target dress...and look and feel loads better. of course, it will ALL come down to how much time i have. but really, what a fantastic and sentimental gift it would make as well.

a quick browse through patterns online and i'm even more optimistic about this idea. check out the lime green mccall's and the white vogue dresses. they look pretty uncomplicated, wouldn't you say? and picture the dresses in a light, billowy fabric, in colors of whatever i want! SCORE! p.s. no worries...i plan to have equal to or less than 4 bm' i will NOT be cranking out 8 dresses.

as for color ideas, i don't plan to venture into that world until i actually get engaged; i think color scheming should be a collaborative effort with the hubs.

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