Monday, June 4, 2007

#22: say cheese. courtesy miss lemon's post on WB

there are two wedding ideas that i've had for a while now that have since been played out. the first is the cupcake wedding cake. i wanted that so bad. but i've seen way too many cupcake wedding cakes since. i may still use the idea, somehow someway...but i'm leaning towards...not.

but the second idea...a PHOTOBOOTH...i mean, who gets sick of hamming it up for the camera?! not me and not my friends. and not my family. basically, no one i know. so...this idea might prove its worth in the end. i bet it's really expensive. but i'd rather have this + burgers than no photo booth + steak. you?

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perfectbound said...

Oh how we love this idea. My fiance and I are hooked on the idea of having a photo booth. I did some preliminary pricing and it turns out, they rent for about $1400 a night. Sound right?