Monday, June 4, 2007

#24: stick it to you.

did you collect sticker books as a kid? i totally did. and i still LOVE stickers.

fantastic idea from

sticker STDs. apparently you can buy sticker sheets at staples! how niiiiice and easy to print out a bunch of these per sheet for mailers. you stick it onto something or do you send it out just as a sticker? hm, i wonder...
and then there's professional stickeration! cost = $20/250 stickers. to be found at
here's the sticker she had made:

and how she used it on her invite:



mister said...

that's really cool...

Abi said...

Combine those stickers with magnet sheets (you can get them pre-cut for $14.99/100) and have a semi-DIY save-the-date magnet.