Thursday, June 21, 2007

#62: decoration help.

you may have noticed that a lot of the blogs i've referenced in my list of blogs have absolutely nothing to do with weddings. well...i'm of the mind that inspiration is found everywhere. a-hem...but it may also have a little something to do with the fact that i'm fiiinally attempting to convert my new apartment into a home. i happily unpacked and chucked the last couple of boxes (and by 'i', i really mean 'the bf') and now i'm trying to get all the 'free' deco advice i can get.

i'm especially obsessed after seeing THE piece at a local vintage shop last weekend. a gold leaf candle sconce, huge and perfect for above the fireplace. eeeeek, right?! oh and p.s. before last weekend, i didn't even know what a sconce was. but anyways, too bad for me since the price tag on the beaut was a tad disagreeable with my comfort zone. so...for the past few days, i've been headachingly going through and through every deco online store i know PLUS ebay and amazon PLUS scouring the blogs for references to online boutiques.

to no avail.

i've looked at a million sconces, candelebras and even considered various wallpapers and decals. man. you think you're creative and you think it's fairly simple, really...and then you realize...designers, decorators, people who can orchestrate harmony between colors and shapes...really have a different kind of talent. am i jealous? maybe a little.

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