Monday, June 4, 2007

#23: got moo?

i've seen these on several blogs now and i've been dying to shout to the hills: HOW COOL ARE THEY?!?!?! and at $25 (incl shipping)/100 cards = 0.25/card...totally affordable!
putting to use:
1) these would make fantasmic and unique save the dates. i would attach a wittle bitty thin magnet strip to each card so peeps could put up on their fridge. text is available for the back of the card so that'd be the perfect place to note the date.
2) another idea = guestbook. i would create an album and customize the pages to hold 1 moocard per page. people could choose a card or i could pre-glue them and the guests would have a spot to write a little something something to us. i think you're able to select as many pictures as there are cards (e.g. if we order 120 cards, we could use 120 pics!) this type of guestbook is a great way to also store and gather all our 'best' couple fotos. it'd be hilarious to see how guests come up with captions, too. (i think it's an economical alternative to the polaroid guestbook idea. granted, the book wouldn't include guest fotos but...that's what the photobooth would be for!...)
3) tags for the favors.
4) these beauts could also be used as placecards. i would group the same pictures together, e.g. one picture per table. i would also number the back so no one gets TOO confused.
5) though 100 pics are rather extravagant, i wouldn't mind choosing 20 specific pics to create a very specific 'memory' collage for each of the girls. gift idea!

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