Tuesday, June 19, 2007

#52: focus hocus pocus.

have you noticed the lack of posts lately? i have. i used to happily churn out 5-10 entries a day! that average has whittled down to 1 entry per day. and it's putting me in a funkdee funk. where has my inspiration gone?

my approach to gather ideas for the few categories i've created (p.s. i don't understand when blogs have 100 different labels...it's difficult for me to concentrate and remember things as is...) has been to peruse my favorite blogs and bookmark items and projects that could easily translate into prudent and unique wedding solutions. i've been relying on getting pulled from here to there to everywhere as i read and read and jump from blog to blog. i mean, isn't that how inspiration works? but maybe i'm going about it all wrong. because the juice from my sources has been lacking. or more like...my own juices are not flowing. or something.

anyways, at times like these, i should probably make my search less macro, more micro. for instance, if i'm going to DIY my own invites, shouldn't i know how much paper is going to cost? shouldn't i convince myself to invest in GOCCO? shouldn't i figure out printing vendors (aka know when the office is cleared so i can print my stuff? j/k...er)?

but then you know how last week i tried to, 'in seriousness', find a venue and ended up digging into a bunch of useless (aka out-of-budget) places? yeah, dejected by the uber high costs i was facing, i stopped looking. short-term attention span plus being a sore loser will get the best of me.

but guess what...that's why this blog will *CROSS MY FINGERS* be so useful in the end. all my crazy, disorganized thoughts and ideas...in one place, categorized in the best possible way... ideas that work, ideas that won't work...at least this will help me remember.

come on, me!

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